Who Visits Palms?

During the peak Winter season (November to May), the majority of our guests are active retired people, many hailing from the Great Lakes states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and from Ontario, Canada. But at Thousand Palms you will also find a number of Mainers and other New Englanders, people from the Southeast and the Gulf Coast states, as well as Canadians from Ontario ,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The Spring, Summer and Fall seasons bring us more urban Floridians seeking family vacations, recreation and adventure in the cooler, shaded and breezy climes of Florida’s Nature Coast.
Thousand Palms Resort strives to provide its guests with a luxury vacation experience at a very affordable cost. We offer a highly desirable location, generously sized and beautiful sites, first class amenities, and resort-quality activities and entertainment.

Thousand Palms is a place to be on vacation in the company of friends – both long time friends and the new friends you will make here. We are a welcoming and very social community.

ActivitiesAt Thousand Palms you will join an active community. Every day you will find people engaged in hobbies, recreational sports, games, socializing, and experiencing new things. Central Florida’s climate, its natural environment and the extensive recreational resources in our area provide an abundance of beauty and excitement to explore. Enjoy everything from the peaceful solitude of a spring fed slough to the thrills of some of our country’s most popular theme parks, both close enough for a daytime excursion.


PoolWith activity also comes rest so we encourage days of just relaxing too – in the sunshine at our heated pool or under the shade of our many mature palms and live oak trees.