Thousand Palms is an active community with as many as 45 to 50 weekly activities, gatherings and events in peak season. Activities are hosted by the resort staff or by volunteers and the vast majority are offered free of charge to guests at Thousand Palms. Following is a sampling of the kinds of activities you will find on the weekly schedule we publish.


• Power Walks
• Nature Walks
• Aerobics & Exercise Classes
• Water Aerobics
• Biking
• Kayaking/Paddle Sports

Social Excursions

Social Excursions

• Walk to Church (next door)
• Flea Markets
• Festivals & Other Area Events
• Area Bingos

Dining / Eating


• Cook Outs
• Potlucks
• Car Pool to Dinner (Local Restaurants)
• Lunch Bunch
• Ice Cream Socials
• Breakfast Caravan


Classes / Enrichment

• Crafts Classes
• Exercise Classes
• Computer Workshops
• Photography Classes
• Cooking Classes
• Ballroom Dancing Lessons
• Shuffleboard Lessons
• Bookmobile Visits



• BYO Movie Exchange
• Bonfire Parties

Sports / Competitions


• Golf Tournament
• Golf Excursions
• Shuffleboard Tournament
• Fishing

Social Events

Social Events

• Bonfire Parties
• Bingo
• Card Nights
• Pot Lucks

Volunteer Opportunities

Many of both the formal and informal activities at Thousand Palms are organized by clubs made up of volunteers. If you are interested in any of our existing clubs or in organizing a new club around a favorite game, craft or other interest, please
email: or call us at 352-748-2237.