Thousand Palms works to give back to our community and our nation with programs we call “Doing Good”.  The following is a description of some of those programs:


As a community service, Thousand Palms works to support the fund raising activities of local charities and not-for-profit organizations.  The 2010 Rutland Haunted Forest provided fund raising opportunities for the following groups and organizations:

•    Lecanto High School Future Farmers of America
•    Floral City Team Green 4H Club
•    Teen For Life Campaign
•    Nature Coast Pregnancy and Family Life Center
•    Lecanto High School Cheerleaders
•    Gold Ballroom Youth Dance Group
•    Citrus County Teens for Life
•    Fisher House Building Campaign at the Gainesville VA Hospital

In addition to fund raising activities, Thousand Palms is working with the New Horizons Village Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled to provide on the job training opportunities for residents.


Thousand Palms focuses many of its charitable fund raising and community service activities on programs to support active and retired service
members and veterans.   Following is a summary of our activities over the past year.


Thousand Palms offers free camping to Service Members, Veterans, and their families every year from Memorial Day through Veterans Day.   Qualified Service Members and Veterans receive up to 4 nights of free camping/lodging after purchasing just three nights.


Thousand Palms, with the help of many volunteers from our community, hosts a haunted forest and haunted house each October.  The majority of the 2009 Haunt proceeds were donated to the Fisher House in Tampa which provides housing for families of hospitalized service members and veterans. The 2009 haunt raised over $ 800 for that cause.  For 2010, the Haunt will benefit the building campaign for a new Fisher House facility at the VA Hospital in Gainesville.


For the month of December, Thousand Palms extensively decorates the resort and then hosts a public  open house and food drive.  Visitors were
asked to donate groceries to a local food pantry that helps hungry and homeless veterans.  For 2009 40 bags of groceries were donated to Veterans charities.


As an “outdoor resort” Thousand Palms cherishes our natural environment and works to protect it.   One of the ways we do so is with our recycling program.  The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of our waste that ends up in landfills.     Instead, all recyclables we collect are taken to the Boy Scout Collection Center in Inverness.

Following are the items we are currently able to recycle:

•    Newspapers
•    Plastic bottles & containers
•    Cans – both aluminum and tin cans
•    Cardboard – flattened if possible
•    Glass bottles and jars
•    Plastic shopping bags


Thousand Palms has informally “adopted” the highway in front of our property and we pick up debris from the roadside on a weekly basis.  It makes our “front yard” more beautiful as well as making our area more attractive to the many tourists who visit here.

We have recently applied to “adopt” a much larger two mile section of State Road 44 from the Withlacoochee River to County Road 470 and are awaiting for approval from the State.