The staff and management of Thousand Palms Resort respectfully request your attention to this set of policies we use for the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all of our guests.

Safety Policies

  • Drive Slowly- Because our roads are used by pedestrians, bicyclists and golf cart operators as well as motor vehicles, the speed limit is 5 mph for all vehicles and everything else with wheels.
  • No Dumping- All wastewater at the resort is collected, treated on site and returned to the ground.  As such it is essential that only natural waste and safe household wastewater is flushed into our sewer system.   Material that doesn’t breakdown naturally in water, such as cigarette butts, diapers and feminine products, should never be flushed.  In addition, do not flush products that could be toxic including unwanted medications or harsh chemicals.  We will advise and or assist you in the safe disposal of these materials.  Only registered guests may use the sanitary dump station or sewer connections at the resort for disposal of wastewater.
  • No Fireworks – Fireworks of all kinds can be dangerous and disruptive and are therefore not allowed at the resort.
  • Unlicensed Vehicles- Golf carts, scooters and ATV’s may only be operated by licensed drivers at speeds of 5 MPH or less on designated resort roads and paths.  Vehicles may not carry more passengers than they are rated for, and must have effective mufflers.  Nighttime operation also requires the use of headlights.
  • Campfires– Campfires must at all times be contained, attended, and controlled to limit flame height to no more than three feet.  Only untreated firewood and charcoal maybe burned.  Trash, lumber and other products may not be burned at any time.  Management may ban campfires at any time there is a Red Flag warning or whenever a fire is otherwise deemed unsafe.
  • Emergency Access- Roadways may not be blocked or restricted in any way that would impair access by large emergency vehicles such as firetrucks.  As such, parking is not permitted on streets.
  • Use Caution- Thousand Palms Resort operates as a campground and resort for outdoor recreation.  The resort cannot be held responsible for the inherent dangers of the natural environment or carelessness.  Users of the resort must recognize the inherent dangers of the outdoors and take extreme care to avoid injury from trees, rocks, uneven ground, darkness, wildlife and other hazards.  Please report any dangerous situations to the office so that they can be addressed.
  • No Violence- Violence of any kind is strictly prohibited and all persons involved in violence will be expelled without regard to fault.  Just don’t let it ever happen.
  • No Weapons- The use of weapons for any purpose is prohibited at the resort.  While hunters and others may bring weapons to the resort, they must have a valid permit, insure that the weapon is not loaded and that it is kept in locked storage while at the resort.
  • No Drugs- Possession, use, sale and/or purchase of illegal substances is a violation of the law and not permitted at the resort.


Neighborliness at Thousand Palms

We strive to maintain an environment that is welcoming, courteous and respectful of our guests (our internal neighbors) as well as neighboring property owners.

  • Public Behavior- Appropriate attire is required at all times.  Public intoxication is prohibited.
  • Noise- Amplified music, conversations and other noise must be respectful of neighbors.  From 11pm to 7am we observe quiet hours and all noise must be limited to that which can only be heard on the site you occupy.
  • Politically Sensitive Symbols- Please do not display symbols or statements that are likely to be offensive to others.
  • Pets- Only quiet people-friendly dogs, indoor cats, fish and birds are permitted at the resort.  Pets must be registered with the office and evidence of licensing and vaccination must be presented.  Pets must be leashed and attended whenever outdoors, and all pet waste must be immediately cleaned up and disposed of.  Use of our fenced dog run is encouraged.
  • Parking- Two automobiles or pickup trucks plus two golf carts may be parked on RV sites.  No parking is allowed on streets or adjacent RV sites.  Only licensed vehicles in working order may be parked at the resort.  Utility trailers, boats, and additional vehicles must be registered with the office and parked in designated areas outside the storage lot fence.  Vehicles which don’t move off property for more than two weeks will be considered stored instead of parked and storage fees may apply.
  • On Site Storage- Personal property may only be stored inside your RV or inside your automobile.  Only approved broom closet storage units are permitted on RV sites.  Outdoor furnishings consisting of tables, chairs, fire pits, and limited amount of decorative items are permitted on RV sites.  Appliances, indoor furniture, and storage containers may not be left outside.

Use of Facilities Policies

  • Visitors- Visitors of registered guests who stay on resort property longer than two hours or who will be using resort facilities must be registered with the office and guest fees may apply.  Registered guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and the visitors’ compliance with resort policies.
  • Swimming Pool- Posted pool regulations must be followed at all times.  Children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision at all times they are in the pool area.  Guests are welcome to bring personal furniture or toys to the pool but must remove them at the end of each day.  Guests are not permitted to bring amplified music to the pool.
  • Clubhouse, Bathhouse, & Laundry- Please be respectful of others using the resort’s public facilities.  Posted rules must be observed and guests are expected to clean up after themselves.  No smoking is allowed inside resort buildings.  Personal items may not be left overnight in the resort’s public facilities including bathrooms, laundry, clubhouse or clotheslines.  Use of the clotheslines outside the laundry is limited to swimwear, towels, and bedding.  Undergarments and other clothing may not be dried on the clotheslines.  Clotheslines are not permitted on RV sites.
  • Check-In/Check-Out Times- Check-in maybe be done at anytime from 2pm to 11pm (later check in times may be obtained by prior arrangement).  Check-out time is noon.
  • Commercial Activities- No one may operate a business or other commercial activity at the resort without prior written approval.
  • RV Site Modifications- Modification of RV sites may only be made with prior written authorization from management.    Modifications requiring authorization include all of the following:  construction of decks or patios; construction of Florida rooms, skirting and other appurtenances to RV units; fencing; hot tubs; installation of antennas/satellite dishes; planting in the ground; removal of plants, trees or shrubs (alive or dead); tree trimming and anything else that materially changes the appearance of the site.  Clotheslines may be put up but must be taken down before dark.
  • RV Unit Age & Upkeep- RV units at the resort must have a well maintained appearance at all times.  RV’s that are more than 20 years old do not qualify for discounted monthly rental rates and may not be resold on site.